Sightings Announce Posthumous Final Album

Sightings Announce Posthumous Final Album
Back in 2013, New York experimental rock vets Sightings abruptly and unexpectedly disbanded. Now, a couple of years later, the band are closing the book on their career by issuing a posthumous album.

Amusers and Puzzlers was recorded at the same time as the band's 2013 effort Terribly Well. It will be out on June 9 on Dais Records.

A press release describes Sightings' swan song as "the schizophrenic culmination of their brand of damaged rock." Although it wasn't intended to be their last album, it's said to be a fitting finale for the band's exploratory career.

The band's associate Tom Smith issued the following statement about the record:

Sightings, visual prisoners, admonish the rebuke.   

Lesser steamers venerate excess; mirrors board tranquil wheels into the unseen. A Huggy Bear douche in a LETTRISME tee is still Ivanka T, reeking of suet.   

"Amusers and Puzzlers" is foreshortened, a loose spray of attenuation.   

Bewildered dynamics extend to celebrity furniture. Essential graphic poets superimpose blueshifted ghost stalks. "40 photos, Arden, early '96, destructive representation report."  

No. Sightings' "Counterfeited" is carried first on the back of its bleating, knotted in inevitability. Their "1982" projects a monumental collage of boos, in intervals. "Thirteen" strikes a black bell. "Trials of Peter" is a meadow of vapor, an opaque vacancy. "Syllabus of Errors" disciplines an inheritor. "I Steal from My House" recites the phrase "symphony world members, symphony chiseling flashes, symphony paint time," in white foam, jackknifing.  

Principal voices adorn the parting of faith; Sightings regress phonemes. "Amusers and Puzzlers" is soaked in juices.  

Scroll past the six-song tracklist below to hear the track "1982," which is an oddball collision of jumbled rhythms, atonal guitar noise and unintelligible background shouts. If you're suitably impressed, the vinyl is available to pre-order here. It's available in a limited run of 500.

Amusers and Puzzlers:

1. Counterfeited
2. 1982
3. 13
4. Trials of Peter
5. Syllabus of Errors
6. I Steal from My House