SECT "Open Grave"

SECT 'Open Grave'
SECT invite you into an "Open Grave" with the first song from their similarly bleakly titled second LP, No Cure for Death.

According to their social media bios, the band features "ex-members of Shut the Fuck Up & current members of SECT." It's a succinct way to let you know that you've heard of and likely heard these dudes before, but that not even that will prepare you for their (vegan straight edge) fury. Sure, many fans of hardcore could recognize Chris Colohan's caustic yell any day, but it's a bit harder to pinpoint the multi-talented musicians he's playing with.

The tunes are much more aggressive than Colohan's last Southern Lord band, more inline with the sounds the label was gaining notoriety for releasing around that time: Nails, Dead in the Dirt, All Pigs Must Die, Baptists, Enabler and more (the latter of which one of the members even played in). That is to say that the metallic hardcore is filthy and sinister, laden with a guitar tone resembling a power tool and with feedback akin to the noise one would make scraping on steel.

Colohan explained that "Open Grave" is "a song about how we got to this point in history, how detached from consequence and oblivious to the removal of our most basic mental if not social, political or ecological safety nets we had to become to allow for the assault on reality we're living out now to succeed. How the bar for what's acceptable and what's normalized just drops in free fall while we're zoned out by the endless barrage of trivial amusements, and the fatal implications of that caliber of apathy not just for the West but civilization across the board."

Heavy stuff for a heavy song. Get the message hammered into your skull below, and keep an eye out for the band's second LP, No Cure for Death. The album, recorded by Converge's Kurt Ballou at GodCity Studio, is out November 24 via Southern Lord.