Secret Mommy Mammal Class

Everyone wants to have their say about pop culture. Some people hate it, some people love it. Some people examine it academically, economically, historically or socially. People talk, people write essays, people buy it. And some people, like Vancouver’s Secret Mommy, just sample it, cut it up, rearrange it beyond recognition and go "look what I did!” and happily ride it out. An intentionally messy collage of kids, balloons, pigs, chickens, elephants, frogs, lightning bolts, violins, trumpets, feedback and artists like JYZ, BRTNYSPRS, JSTNTMBRLK, and our very own KRDNLFFCL, Secret Mommy aka Andy Dixon is relentless in his expression of frustration (and perhaps fascination) with pop culture. Read: It’s a distinctly theoretical project to whet the appetites of so-called music snobs and cultural academics. While there are emerging rhythms, hints of techno and residue from childhood video games present, the heavy layers of distorted samples make it a demanding, if not punishing listen. But I’m certain that’s exactly the point. (Orthlorng Musork)