Secret Mommy

The Mall

BY Daniel SylvesterPublished Apr 5, 2011

Vancouver, BC wunderkind Andy Dixon has been a punk rocker, visual artist and record label boss, among other vocations. But it's his role as Secret Mommy that has made him a name east of the Rockies. On sophomore LP Mammal Class, Dixon began inserting found nature sounds next to samples of Pink and Shania Twain. On fifth full-length The Mall, Secret Mommy hasn't looked back, this time creating an entire album out of bleeps, chimes and faint voices mined form one of Canada's many bustling shopping malls. At eight tracks under 30 minutes, everything about The Mall works as highlights, from the elastic, spastic rhythms that accompany "Music at the Bay" to the cut/copy mash down of "Clothing Racks (Sears)" and the claustrophobia beats of "Thank You So Much (the Body Shop)." With The Mall, Dixon gives Canada its own shining electronic visionary, giving Matmos, Herbert and the Books a run for their money.

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