Scream Get Dave Grohl, Ian MacKaye for New Album 'DC Special'

Hear "DC Special Sha La La" before the LP's November arrival

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 19, 2023

Scream have teed up their first new release in 12 years. The Virginia hardcore heroes will share DC Special on November 10 via Dischord Records.

Scream last issued new music in 2011 with the Complete Control Recording Sessions EP, and just over a decade later, the band share how DC Special "weaves the history of music in Washington, DC, into the story of the band" with help from their extensive community of "friends and musicians who influenced Scream and who shaped DC music over the past six decades."

Guests include Dave Grohl (who briefly drummed for Scream in the late '80s, pre-Nirvana), Amanda and Ian MacKaye, Joe Lally (Fugazi, Messthetics, Coriky), Derrick Decker, Clint Walsh, Onam Emmett, John Goetchius, Jerry Busher, Amy Pickering, Brian Baker, Randy Austin, Martha Hull, Michael Reidy, Nate Bergman and Bobby Madden.

"DC Special Sha La La" is the first song to arrive from the album, and you can hear the energetic opener in the player below."

The band write of the album on Bandcamp, "DC Special embodies the same sense of community and politics that inspired Scream from the start and is a truly special collection of new music that speaks to the present and also tells the story of DC music, Scream, and the influences that shaped them."

Scream's most recent studio album remains 1993's Fumble, on which Grohl drummed and handled lead vocals on "Gods Look Down." The album was treated to a vinyl reissue in 2016.

Pre-order DC Special.

DC Special:

1. DC Special Sha La La 
2. Bored to Life
3. Somebody Love
4. Hel Nah
5. Tum Tum
6. Represent
7. Dead Cities
8. Last of the Soft
9. Vanishing Commissars
10. The Flam
11. Lifeline
12. Call it a Night
13. Faces *
14. Politics is Entertainment *
15. Black and White *
16. Lifeline Redux *
17. Smile and Bleed *
18. I Saw Ya (Wanna Be Life Captain) *

* Bonus track

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