'RedBlack&Blue' (album stream)

BY Sarah MurphyPublished Jun 6, 2016

SATE spat fire on last year's "Warrior" single, then dropped by Exclaim! TV headquarters for a rendition of "What Did I Do." Now, those tracks have been paired with a full album's worth of accompaniment on RedBlack&Blue — and Exclaim! is giving you an early listen to the LP in its entirety.
After opening with the aforementioned pair of tunes, SATE keeps the soulful blues-rock vibes raging strong with the edgy-sounding romance of "Live on Your Love" and the strongly worded warnings of "Know My Name." "The Answer" takes things in a slightly mellower direction, but the penultimate jam "Silence" is a total misnomer bringing fuzz back in full force before closing out with the reflective, rock operatic "Peace."
RedBlack&Blue crashes down on June 10 via CLK Creative Works, but you can hear the explosive new offering in full, in advance. Just hit play below, where you'll also find the video to "Feel."

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