Sam Prekop Readies New Album 'Comma'

Hear the Sea and Cake leader's "Summer Places" now
Sam Prekop Readies New Album 'Comma'
Just over five years on from sharing The Republic, Sam Prekop has detailed a follow-up effort. The frontman of the Sea and Cake will release solo album Comma on July 10 through Thrill Jockey.

Ten tracks in length, Comma finds Prekop building out the modular synth setup he showcased on The Republic, introducing drum machines and additional synthesizer units to create "enveloping synthesizer pieces around a newfound rhythmic pulse."

Comma is said to "[embrace] the analogue synthesizer's often unpredictable nature," with Prekop working to strike a balance between "composition and chance, control and spontaneity."

"Summer Places" is the first track to arrive from the record, and you can play it below.

Comma is now available for pre-order.


1. Park Line
2. Summer Places
3. Comma
4. September Remember
5. The New Last
6. Approaching
7. Circle Line
8. Never Met
9. Wax Wing
10. Above Our Heads