Said the Whale Are So Totally '90s on New Single "Never Grow Up"

It was produced by Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays

BY Alex HudsonPublished Oct 12, 2023

Vancouver pop rock combo Said the Whale have shared a new single. "Never Grow Up" is out now.

The crunchy, catchy, guitar-driven pop tune was written by the band's Tyler Bancroft and produced by Hot Hot Heat's Steve Bays (who also helmed STW's latest album, 2021's Dandelion).

"Never Grow Up" sounds very much like a sunny '90s alt-rock anthem — so much so that the band themselves acknowledged the similarity to Weezer's Blue Album in an Instagram comment. When someone compared the song to mid-'90s Weezer, the band responded, "Funny story — we played with weezer this summer and got to chat with Brian Bell quite a bit. I told him 'I've been trying to write blue album weezer songs my entire career' and he laughed and said 'yeah, us too!'"

Hear the song below. It's out through Bancroft's own label, Everything Forever. There's currently no word on if this is a stand-alone single or if an album is on the way.

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