Care For Me

BY Daniela CamposPublished Apr 7, 2018

Chicago rapper Saba just dropped his second studio album, Care For Me, which shows that over the past couple years, his low-laying status was due to perfecting an album that's full of serious wisdom.
Following up his 2016 Bucket List Project, Saba fans get to hear the other eight unreleased tracks, after teasing his fans with tracks "Busy" and "Life." Not only does Saba hold down Chicago on his own, but he got three Chicago collaborations from artists theMIND, Chance the Rapper and Kaina as well.
While Saba handles the majority of the production on the album, he gets a hand from producers DaedaePIVOT and Daoud. Saba's lyricism on every track reminds me of a mix of Chicago rappers Mick Jenkins and Chance the Rapper; however, on "Life," Saba says "stop comparing me to people, no I am not them," and that's fine. He has his own sound and stands out as an artist, with this album possibly being the one to distance himself from being overshadowed by other Chicago rappers. He does hold it down for showing his upbringing through his music as a Chicago artist in a more authentic way this time around.
His rawness is revealed throughout the entire album. He starts off the album with "Busy/Sirens," which reflects on the life situations he's dealt with in the past few years, while touching base on his cousin, who passed away due to a stabbing in February last year. It only gets more personal from there.
His reflections on living as an artist, depression, relationships, love, death, trust issues, the dangers in Chicago and more show that, despite being a known artist in the industry, he's human. Saba confronts his life by writing every thought possible, storytelling to let listeners be aware that he struggles too, possibly with things he can't seem to escape from. His honesty and melodic, calming choruses and singing are for those who want to hear something real.

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