Rich Brian The Sailor

Rich Brian The Sailor
The latest addition to millennial rap comes from Rich Brian; the L.A. rapper, by way of Jakarta, the Indonesian city he left at 17, just dropped his second album, The Sailor.
It's millennial rap because of Brian's focus on his discomfort in the modern world that has quickly risen up around him — the struggle of relationships, of trying to keep up with trends, friends and drink enough booze before the world explodes or whatever. The ending is immaterial, it is the generational anxiety that he taps into — the incessant need for fun.
Tonally, it is not too complex: Brian sings and raps over simple beats that often include stringed instruments. There are only three features: RZA, Bekon and Joji (his 88Rising label mate). This is not a deficit though — it allows the listener to absorb the ill-at-ease, heartbreak, sex and all the other distractions that fill a young person's life.
The song "No Worries" contains the simply perfect "your life ain't good if it don't come with no problems." Other standout tracks are "Rapapapa," "Confetti" on which Brian shows his range as a rapper, and "Vacant." The only thing that might hamper your ability to enjoy The Sailor is if you're just not a rap fan, or you're a little old. (88 Rising / Empire)