Ratatat "Pricks of Brightness" (video)

Ratatat 'Pricks of Brightness' (video)
Revisiting this year's Magnifique, guitar duo Ratatat recently shared their "Pricks of Brightness" video on Tidal. For those of us who don't subscribe to Jay Z's service, they've now placed the video on the regular Internet.

The clip for "Pricks of Brightness" was directed by Luis Cerveró in various locations around Paris. It's a humourous collection of images that don't really make sense, but that's sort of the point.

In a press release, Cerveró says the video's concept "is the result of many conversations with the band about the meaning of making instrumental music, and also about the idea of meaning in itself, what meaning exactly means or how meaningless meaning can be."

Watch the video for "Pricks of Brightness" below.