R.I.P. Best Coast's Cat Snacks

He was the cover star of various albums

BY Alex HudsonPublished Feb 10, 2022

Snacks, the orange cat known for appearing extensively in Best Coast's work, has died.

The sad news was shared by Best Coast songwriter Bethany Cosentino, who posted a picture of Snacks and wrote that the cat was her "guardian angel" and "best friend in the entire world."

Snacks was something of a mascot for the fuzz pop band, having appeared on the cover of the 2010 debut album Crazy for You. Snacks remained a presence in Best Coast, and just a couple months ago appeared on the cover of the December 2021 single "Leading."

Back in 2010, Exclaim! interviewed Cosentino and she spoke extensively about the cat's influence. "There is one lyric on the record that talks about him," she said. "I got Snacks around the same time that we started recording and playing shows. So those are two major things that happened at the same time in my life. I got this cat that is now like my son. When we're not on tour, I'm literally at home sitting in front of the TV with my cat next to me. So he's a big part of my world."

In 2014, Cosentino and Snacks starred in a peta2 ad, which promoted pet adoption.

Snacks was also associated with Wavves, as Cosentino was previously in a relationship with singer-guitarist Nathan Williams. A cartoon version of the cat appeared on the cover of Wavves' 2010 album King of the Beach.

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