Popol Vuh Rarities Unearthed by Soul Jazz

Popol Vuh Rarities Unearthed by Soul Jazz
Kosmische legends Popol Vuh have had plenty of releases from their back catalogue rediscovered, including a major reissue campaign back in 2013. That said, there's more we've yet to hear, as a new compilation indicates.

Soul Jazz Records will issue a new set of Popol Vuh rarities this spring. Simply called Popol Vuh's Florian Fricke, the set will include song sketches, solo piano recordings and previously unreleased material that was discovered after the group's mastermind Florian Fricke passed away in 2001.

The material on the compilation spans two discs and a time period from 1972 to 1989. In addition, the release will include Kailash, the 1995 documentary made in collaboration between Fricke and filmmaker Frank Fiedler, and its soundtrack, which takes up the second disc. The film is a documentary about the ascent of Asia's holiest mountain and was previously unreleased on VHS.

Part one of the film is available as a VHS rip below, but the DVD will be available as part of the three-disc Popol Vuh's Florian Fricke release on March 16.

Thanks to Resident Advisor for the tip.

Florian Fricke's Popol Vuh:

Disc one: Piano Recordings:

1. Spirit Of Peace 1
2. Spirit Of Peace 2
3. Spirit Of Peace 3
4. Mahayana (Karuna)
5. The Heart
6. Earth View
7. Moses
8. Garden Of Pythagoras

Disc two: Kailash – Pilgrimage to the Throne Of Gods OST:

1. West Tibet - Land Of The Nomads
2. The Garden Morya
3. Manasarowar – The Turquoise Lake
4. Nomads Move
5. Last Village
6. West Face – Place Of Death
7. The Kora – Ritual Circuit Of The Sacred Mountain
8. Valley Of The Gods
9. Buddah's Footprint
10. Transhimalaya


Kailash – Pilgrimage To The Throne Of Gods