Popol Vuh's 'Agape Love-Love' and 'Spirit of Peace' Get Expanded Vinyl Reissues by One Way Static

Popol Vuh's 'Agape Love-Love' and 'Spirit of Peace' Get Expanded Vinyl Reissues by One Way Static
Just the other month, we were met with the news that spiritual Krautrock greats Popol Vuh would be treated to a new round of vinyl reissues. Now, we've learned that even more new vinyl releases are incoming from the late Florian Fricke's celebrated project.

This summer One Way Static will reissue hard-to-find latter-period Popol Vuh album's Agape Love-Love and Spirit of Peace, with both set to arrive worldwide on June 27.

Long out-of-print, Agape Love-Love was originally released in 1983. According to a description from OWS, "Agape-Love was one of Florian Fricke's favourites, at a point in his life where he was inspired by 13th century Persian poet Rumi. Still utilizing a choir for Gregorian chant-like ethereal intensity — though they sing in Byzantine scales — the band delves deeply into the drone world of Fricke's sacred music muse. This is an album of many moods/feelings & is a worthy, devastatingly beautiful outing (both introspective & intense at the same time)."

The reissue of Agape Love-Love will come with an exclusive bonus track, as well as an insert with extensive liner notes. The LP will be limited to 700 copies, with different colour variants available in North America and Europe.

Spirit of Peace, meanwhile, will come as a 2-LP set. It originally came out in 1985, and "truly achieves the meaning of the album title," according to a press release. The reissue is again limited to 700 copies, with extra tracks not included on the original single-LP version added to the reissue.

It also includes new cover art by Erik Wollo and the black vinyl version will feature a "screen-printed" D-side. Once again, there will be different limited colour variants in North America and Europe.

Pre-orders are set to begin on Wednesday (May 17). You can preview both the original versions of the albums below.

As previously reported, Wah Wah is set to reissue Die Nacht Der Seele (Tantric Songs) from 1979 and Sei still, wisse ICH BIN from 1981, as well as the extremely rare 1983 Florian Fricke solo effort Die Erde und Ich sind Eins. Those vinyl reissues are set to arrive later this month.

One Way Static also reissued Popol Vuh's Cobra Verde on Record Store Day back in April.