Plants and Animals "We Were One" (video)

Plants and Animals 'We Were One' (video)
Coming off the spring release of Plants and Animals' much-awaited fourth album, Waltzed in from the Rumbling, the Montreal rock trio have offered up a nostalgic, yesteryear-yearning music video for its lightly funked "We Were One."

Directed by Frédérique Bérubé, the clip packages together scenes from various grainy home movies. To the tune of Plants and Animals folk-ish strums and rubber ball bass line, you see naval tots traversing enclosed waters in plastic boats, a young couple seemingly skipping nude through the phosphorescent flow of a beach tide, and more.

These are juxtaposed against visuals of a painted-grey wall-climber blending into rocky terrain, and a hospital gown-sporting city dweller with a unique view of the world.

Quite poetically, Bérubé explained in a statement that the visuals were "buried in my computer, old hidden memories. From your childhood, of our island. And of this clear blue water, calm but violent, that was surrounding us. This water that was running across your cheeks when you were young, that used to calm us down and in which we slowly drowned. Those waves are still reflecting the light of our memories."

You'll find the visuals below.