Pantha Du Prince Reworks 'The Triad' into New Ambient Album and Remix EP

Pantha Du Prince Reworks 'The Triad' into New Ambient Album and Remix EP
Pantha Du Prince released his first studio album since 2010 last year with The Triad, and the producer has now announced a re-envisioned ambient version of the LP. Titled The Triad Ambient Versions, the reworked album will see release through Rough Trade on June 9.

The Triad Ambient Versions is said to forego "the pulsating beats and most of the vocals of the original, creating something new, delicate, dreamy, and unutterably gorgeous."

The producer born Hendrik Weber had this to say on the rework:

The Triad Ambient Versions bring the listener into a free space, as music consists of strictly folded sonic spaces that can be structured for the dance, for body-movement: the heart beat synchronizes the movement. The ambient versions have no beats and the listener gets a more transparent musical picture, an image full of light-atmosphere non-defined and free, for the human spirit to unfold its own way of receiving space folded into time. The straight columns of rhythm were taken away for a light wind of silence and non-structured fluid movements.

You can see the tracklist for the ambient album below. It will arrive both on vinyl and digitally, with the latter including a series of bonus tracks.

Read through the tracklisting for The Triad Ambient Versions to hear "Islands in the Sky (Ambient Version)" in the player below.

Along with the ambient album, an EP of remixes from The Triad will also see release on June 9. The functionally titled The Triad Remixes EP will feature reinterpretations from Solomun, Recondite, Efdemin, Shinedoe, Alva Noto and more. The release will initially only arrive digitally but a 12-inch version of the EP is in the works, a press release promises.

On top of that, Pantha Du Prince will head out on tour in the United States this May. You can find dates here.

The Triad Ambient Versions:

1. The Winter Hymn (Ambient Version)
2. You What? Euphoria! (Ambient Version)
3. Frau Im Mond, Sterne Laufen (Ambient Version)
4. In An Open Space (Ambient Version Instrumental)
5. Dream Yourself Awake (Ambient Version Instrumental)
6. Lichterschmaus (Ambient Version)
7. Lions Love (Ambient Version)
8. Islands In The Sky (Ambient Version Instrumental)
9. Wallflowers for Pale Saints (Ambient Version)

Download bonus tracks:

10. The Winter Hymn (Ambient Version Instrumental)
11. In An Open Space (Ambient Version Vocal)
12. Dream Yourself Awake (Ambient Version Vocal)
13. Islands In The Sky (Ambient Version Vocal)