Pantha Du Prince Unveils New Album 'Conference of Trees'

Hear the producer's more natural approach on "Pius in Tacet"
Pantha Du Prince Unveils New Album 'Conference of Trees'
Pantha Du Prince is returning with a new album. The project helmed by German producer Hendrik Weber will release Conference of Trees on March 6 via Modern Recordings. Right now, you can get an idea what to expect with the teaser track "Pius in Tacet."

As a press release explains, "The album's title refers to a question posed by Weber: What does it sound like when trees communicate? 'Pius in Tacet' initiates the conversation using woodblocks and xylophones to craft a sense of understated wonder. As the natural instruments are layered atop each other, an electronic beat creeps in, as if to symbolize a human attempt at inter-forest communication."

Down below, you can hear how that plays out via "Pius in Tacet," which has arrived alongside a video.

In addition to Weber, the new Pantha Du Prince album features percussionists Håkon Stene, Bendik Hovik Kjeldsberg, Manuel Chittka, and jazz musician Friedrich Paravicini.

Marking a change for Weber, he shifted from his more electronic direction to a more natural one, specially one that employed the use of physical wooden instruments.

"Spending so much time in front of the computer and working with electronic machines started feeling a bit bleak to me," explained Weber. "I wanted to find a way to spend more time outdoors and to legitimize it with art."

Conference of Trees marks the follow-up to 2016's The Triad.

Conference of Trees:

1. Approach in a Breeze

2. Transparent Tickle Shining Glace

3. Holding the Oak

4. When We Talk

5. Roots Making Family

6. The Crown Territory

7. Supernova Space Time Drift

8. Silentium Larix

9. Pius in Tacet

10. Lichtung