Pantha du Prince

Conference of Trees

BY Daniel SylvesterPublished Mar 4, 2020

Even during his most maximal moments, Hendrik Weber (aka Pantha du Prince), sounds pensive. That's why Conference of Trees, the German musician's fifth LP and first since 2016, sounds like the logical progression in this quest to move into more personal territories.
At ten tracks and 76 minutes, Weber guides the listener through a labyrinth of organic, emotional and (at times) alien sounds. As many of the songs run over six minutes in length, Weber gives his compositions ample time to breathe, unravel and gestate, as he makes the most of these expended jams.
On tracks like the percussion-heavy "Transparent Tickle Shining Glace" and the jarring soother "Roots Making Family," Weber seems set on moving the listener through sonic and thematic twists and turns. As the majority of the LP revolves around the sound of wooden instruments (built and played by Weber himself) and includes avant guests such as percussionist Håkon Stene and jazz musician Friedrich Paravicini, tracks like the exploratory "The Crown Territory" and the jerky "Supernova Space Time Drift" seem to still manage to resemble his dance music of old.
On Conference of Trees, Pantha du Prince creates new vistas of sound by expanding his musical palette progressively, holistically and audaciously.
(Modern Recordings)

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