Paint "Boomerang" (video)

Paint 'Boomerang' (video)
Toronto rock outfit Paint have been releasing a music video for every song from their 2011 album Where We Are Today, and that campaign is now complete with the arrival of the clip for "Boomerang."

The video for this moody, muscular rock tune plays out more like a short film rather than your average music video, as three women stage a heist in Toronto before turning on one another. One of the women then flees with her male driver while the others give chase, culminating in a showdown outside the city. It was written and directed by R. Stephenson Price and is a female-led twist on classic Hollywood heist flicks.

The video is below, along with a half-hour making-of film.

All of the videos from Where We Are Today (plus some bonus videos and the "Boomerang" making-of documentary) are available on the band's Capsulated DVD from their online store.