P!nk Fan Goes into Labour at Concert, Names Baby After Singer

We'll raise our glass to that

Photo: Joseph Starkey

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Aug 11, 2023

If this summer of concerts has proven anything, it's that P!nk performances are the place to be. While onstage surprises to date have included someone's mother's ashes and a wheel of brie, incredible things are also happening away from the spotlight — like the miracle of life.

P!nk fan Angela Mercer has named her newborn in honour of the pop star after going into labour early on the third date of the artist's expanded North American tour, which saw her play Fenway Park in Boston, MA.

As detailed by the city's Brigham and Women's Hospital in a post about the birth, Mercer made the trip to Fenway alongside her mother and sister-in-law from Albany, NY — around a two-and-a-half-hour drive. "At only 31 weeks pregnant, Angela hadn't been expecting her son's arrival quite yet," the post reads, "but she started having contractions shortly after arriving for the show. She called her doctor, who advised her to get to a hospital."

Area traffic caused by the concert reportedly made it hard for Mercer and family to find a ride, leaving the trio to decide walking was the fastest way to get care. The three made the trip to Brigham and Women's "decked out in their concert outfits," where Mercer delivered her healthy baby boy.

Though the family ended up missing P!nk's performance, the hospital revealed that "Pink's newest, youngest, fan" was named Aycen Hart — the name P!nk shares with husband, professional motorcyclist Carey Hart.

"My husband Ace and I are so incredibly grateful to the exceptional team at Brigham and Women's Hospital!" Mercer said in a statement. "The medical, case management, and social work staff guided us confidently with their knowledge and expertise, all while being personable, empathetic, and engaging. We are sincerely appreciative."

Keep your eyes peeled for a report from P!nk's Toronto tour stop in a forthcoming batch of Exclaim! Comics, both online and in our latest magazine issue. The artist's North American tour will bring her to Vancouver and Montreal later this year.

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