P!nk Is Decidedly More Excited About Receiving a Wheel of Brie Mid-Concert

You're fuckin' perfect, cheese

Photo via @radikalzee on TikTok

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Jun 28, 2023

What is going on at P!nk concerts? I guess she did call it the Summer Carnival Tour, so maybe all bets are off. After her reaction to a fan throwing their mother's ashes on stage went viral, additional footage from that performance in London has surfaced showing the pop star getting an equally meaningful gift: cheese.

A gigantic wheel of Brie, to be specific. Which is all the more meaningful because it's expensive! P!nk was in the middle of singing her hit "F**kin' Perfect" (yes, it is literally stylized as such) when she appears to spot the wheel, mouthing, "What the fuck?!" Yeah, how on earth did this get through security?!

She then fell to her knees and gave the fan an air hug, the only proper way to show that you're willing to accept such a gift. "I wanna kiss you on the mouth," the singer-songwriter said, because, as legend has it, you may fascinate a woman by giving her a piece of cheese.

"Pretty, pretty please," P!nk sang — because that's how the song goes, but it might also be the perfect ode to cheese — as the wheel made its way to her, "You are perfect to me." After she had successfully grasped the Brie, she mouthed, "I love you," to the provider. Girls gotta eat.

Watch fan footage of the incident below, and share in the gladness that no one attempted to throw that thing. 
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