Ouri Announces Debut Album 'Frame of a Fauna,' Shares Two New Songs

Watch a video for new song "Chains"

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Sep 16, 2021

Multi-instrumentalist and producer Ouri has detailed her debut album. The Montreal-based artist will share Frame of a Fauna on October 22.

"Between fragmented souvenirs and sonic explorations, Frame of a Fauna navigates mutable identity, magnetism and initiating a sense of belonging in an eclectic sound," Ouri shares of her latest, describing her musical fusion of classical, electronic, trip-hop and field recordings as "a soundtrack to reflect your own shapes and space in this lifetime."

New songs "High & Choking Pt 1" and "Chains" arrive alongside today's news, and follow the previously shared "Felicity." 

You can watch a video for "Chains" below, co-directed by Ouri and Derek Branscombe, ahead of hearing "High & Choking Pt 1" over here.

Earlier this year, Ouri and Helena Deland released their debut album as Hildegard.

Frame of a Fauna:

1. Ossature
2. The More I Feel
3. Two
4. Odd or God (feat. Mind Bath)
5. High & Choking Pt 1
6. Fear of Being Watched
7. Fonction Naturelle
8. Wrong Breed
9. Chains
10. En Mon Doux Sein
11. Shape of It
12. Too Fast No Pain (feat. mobilegirl)
13. Felicity (feat. Antony Carle)
14. Grip

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