Nyck Caution

"Basin" (video)

BY Gregory AdamsPublished Mar 11, 2016

"My life's a film and the scenery's cinematic," Nyck Caution rapped on his Disguise the Limit standout, "Basin." Fittingly enough, the Pro Era rapper has now offered up a bizarre and kind of bloody short film to support the song.

The video starts off with the rapper, face down in a snow-slicked forest scene, his nose gushing plasma. A hazy beat and some lines about an insomniac's troubles float above the visuals, which retrace Caution's night at a club show. There, he watches a doppelganger rock the mic for an adoring crowd before getting involved in a corridor smooch fest.

It gets a little complicated from there, but you can sort out the rest of the bobbled narrative down below, courtesy of Noisey.

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