No One Is Safe: Musicians Who Punked Fans for April Fools' Day 2024

Featuring an unlikely OnlyFans, an egg and a van break-in

BY Sydney BrasilPublished Apr 1, 2024

Music fans surely have a reputation for being overly excitable, and for that, April Fools' Day may affect us more than other, less gullible hobbyists. Some musicians have learned to capitalize on this, and while the list of musical pranks may be short this year, they are tactful — well, for the most part.

Beginning with the old man drama, King Crimson's Robert Fripp announced that he's joining OnlyFans with a frankly startling video of him in the nude covering his junk with a guitar. "Many online posters and commentators have referred to Fripp's cruel unavailability to fans. This has now been addressed," the caption of the video reads. Surely enough, no link actually exists.

Have you seen Nickelback: Hate to Love yet? If you have poor media literacy skills, your time may have passed. The band posted a fake CNN article to their socials, claiming the only existing copies of the documentary had been stolen from their tour van. Clicking the tips hotline link they provided leads to a ticket link to an online screening. Falling for this one assures you will never make it as a wise man.

If you think expanded LP reissues have gotten out of hand in the last few years, Wilco are asking you to hold their beer egg. They advertised a 30-LP "Duper Deluxe" reissue of their album A Ghost Is Born housed in a 3.5-foot-tall egg-shaped box. Coming mid-2025, if you believe the digitally added text on Jeff Tweedy's copy.

Last — and certainly least — Eminem is taking the lazy route by threatening to release new music. In a video edited to look like a YouTube poop, he claims his album even more... INFINITE dropped today. The only thing that would make this joke even more unbelievable is if he claimed the album was going to be misogyny-free.

Stay safe out there in the Wild West of the internet today, kiddos!

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