Nails "Life Is a Death Sentence"

Nails 'Life Is a Death Sentence'
Nails will be driving all of their You Will Never Be One of Us deep into our skulls next Friday (June 17), but you can get wrecked by a bit of the record right now with a stream of its savage "Life Is a Death Sentence."

Coming awash in an in-the-red glaze of distortion, the song first traffics in balls-to-the-wall rhythms. Todd Jones gets aggressive and growly above the speedy pace, which quickly jumps from d-beat severity into a massive blast. The song pumps the brakes for a groove-heavy finale.

If life is a death sentence, then we all have plenty of time to kill. You may as well enjoy some of it by giving Nails' new track a spin down below. You Will Never Be One of Us hits stores next week via Nuclear Blast.