Munroe "Nothing Is Funny" (video)

Munroe 'Nothing Is Funny' (video)
Hamilton-born singer-songwriter Munroe released her self-titled EP last spring, and it's now getting revisited with a brand new video for closing track "Nothing Is Funny."
The new clip was directed by Munroe herself and shot by Devin Pedde. Filming took place at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles, which hosts a series of setups designed to show animals in their natural habitats. Those exhibits sparked Munroe's idea for the video.
"Dioramas like those are so strange and sad because the whole point is to make the scenes and the animals in them look as life-like as possible — implying movement, relationships, behaviour, vitality — but the subjects in them are 100% dead," she tells Exclaim! "I got stuck on the idea of suggesting life where it doesn't exist, and holding onto hope in a scenario that is clearly hopeless. That's not really what the song is about, but it is a song about waiting, so I thought it would be cool to throw the thoughts together and push the idea of waiting to a point of absurd impossibility. Waiting for something that's already been precluded."
The resulting clip shows an array of taxidermied creatures in conversation, which gets translated to the viewer through subtitles. It's cute and charming, but poignant nonetheless.
Munroe is expected to release her debut full-length album later this year, but before it arrives, you can check out Exclaim!'s video premiere of "Nothing Is Funny" in the player below.