Mozart's Sister "Good Thing Bad Thing"

Mozart's Sister 'Good Thing Bad Thing'
Mozart's Sister (a.k.a. Caila Thompson-Hannant) previously let us "Enjoy" a preview track of the same name behind her upcoming Being, and now she's given up her glitzy "Good Thing Bad Thing." Chances are if you like your pop glitzy and adventurous, you'll take pleasure in this one too.

The track mixes a retro electro beat with cloud-busting synths and percussive military chants, while Hannant serves up rich and hearty R&B vocal melodies. As if making lemonade out of lemons, or coming out with a kick-ass omelet after crackin' a couple of eggs, a finale of floor stomps has Hannant noting most positively, "you can't get a good thing without a bad thing."

You can take in the bouncy, PMA anthem down below, while Being pops into stores August 5 via Paper Bag Records/Asthmatic Kitty.