Montreal's Jeezer Release Holy Weezer Parody "Pray It Ain't So"

They've cleaned up, found Jesus

BY Sydney BrasilPublished May 10, 2024

Today (May 10) is the 30th anniversary of the Blue Album, so we thought we'd have some fun and post some memes of the cover with people who are definitely not Weezer on them. Another group of people who are certainly not Rivers Cuomo and co. decided to capitalize on this, as they — and many others — flooded our post with comments introducing us to the Christian cover band Jeezer.

Hailing from Montreal, the band just dropped "Pray It Ain't So" as God's answer to "Say It Ain't So." Some choice lyrics include, "This cross is a heavy load upon me that will bring me back in three to four days," and "My cross is a life-taker."

Sleuthing online to find out more about Jeezer and their slightly out-of-tune guitars proves difficult, but it seems like at least some other Montreal musicians are in on the joke, if it is a joke. It's kind of hard to tell because they go from earnestly praising Christ to posting things like "One stream = one small sin forgiven, one share = one big sin forgiven." In that case, does writing an article about them absolve me from being openly queer at my Catholic high school ten years ago?

Either way, I respect the hustle, and the album art is actually kind of based. God bless them, if they so actually wish to be blessed, genuinely. Listen to "Pray It Ain't So" below. 

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