Mikal Cronin Returns with New Song "Undertow"

It marks his first solo track in four years

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Mar 26, 2019

Just shy of four years removed from releasing his MCIII album, Mikal Cronin has returned with a new solo track.

Titled "Undertow," the song comes from a forthcoming 7-inch that also features a second new song titled "Breathe." You can hear the former in the player below.

"It's easy to get caught up in an undertow, pulled down into the water, weightless and directionless. The current stirs and you lose your way. But eventually, if you're lucky and patient, you can float back up to the surface and take a breath," Cronin wrote of the track in a statement.

He continued: "This is my first new music in a while — my gulp of air. Many talented friends joined me, the basic tracks were recorded live together for the first time in my recording career. This felt good. Jason Quever recorded it in Los Angeles, December of 2018."

In 2017, Cronin teamed with Kim Gordon to release demo "War/Golden God" as Self Esteem.

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