MellowHype "FIFAFOFUM!" (video)

MellowHype 'FIFAFOFUM!' (video)
Having served us their free INSA mixtape earlier in the summer, Odd Future offshoot MellowHype are now kicking it in the kitchen in a new video they've cooked up for the set's "FIFAFOFUM!"

The at-home adventure starts with the pair clowning around in the kitchen, with Left Brain hopping from counter tops and tables to deliver that Beanstalk-indebted hook. Though never seen much further from that scene than the front porch or the side of the house, Hodgy Beats spends some time talking about banging his peace drum worldwide. That may be too boastful a claim, though, as he's delivering Charles Bronson-styled beatdowns on foes before pounding whiskey shots with the gals.

You can check out the oddly swerving single down below.