Meet Former Poncho Model Lana Del Rey

As featured in '24 Ponchos: Cozy Chill Chasers You'll Love to Knit'

Photo: Justin Higuchi

BY Kaelen BellPublished Aug 4, 2023

The lore of Lana Del Rey the character has been thinkpieced, Twitter-threaded, reviewed and YouTube commented into oblivion by this point — in 2023, it's the person who came before the persona that remains the most mysterious.

Before she became the world-famous songwriter, poet and Waffle House employee, Lana Del Rey was Lizzy Grant, a small-time singer-songwriter who modelled on the side. This isn't news (especially to her fans), but another piece of the Lizzy Grant puzzle recently resurfaced after a TikToker discovered a book called 24 Ponchos: Cozy Chill Chasers You'll Love to Knit.

"Why is Lana Del Rey in my knitting book," the user wrote, posting a video that featured several images of pre-fame Lana in a series of cozy chill chasers that you honestly would probably love to knit. There's no official confirmation that it's actually Lana, but I mean… it's Lana. 

The book in question was published in 2013, which is the year after Lana released her debut album Born to Die, but it seems more than likely that the photos were taken quite a bit before that.

See a screenshot below and check out the TikTok here

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