Mark Mills "Goodbye Moment" (video)

Mark Mills 'Goodbye Moment' (video)
Analog audiophile Mark Mills' debut release, Go Love Yourself, first hit shelves almost a year ago. But that hasn't stopped the up-and-coming electronic-dabbling musician from going all Cobra Kai in his new music video for album standout "Goodbye Moment."

Sharing stylistic similarities with the Karate Kid, Bloodsport and whichever Steven Seagal flick you happen to find in the Value Village bargain bin on a given day, the clip stars a lowly video store clerk who gets terrorized by a group of tough-ems before settling the score Riki-Oh style (after an extensive training montage, of course) at a local karate tournament.

Created by Calgary-based filmmaker Cameron Macgowan and Mills as part of the $100 Film Festival's Film/Music Exposition program, the Super 8 clip recently won the festival's Audience Choice Award this past weekend (March 8).

Check out the award-winning video now in the player below.

Goodbye Moment from Awkward Silencio Films on Vimeo.