Mark McGuire Releases New 12-Inch off 'Along the Way'

Mark McGuire Releases New 12-Inch off 'Along the Way'
Former Emeralds member Mark McGuire's album Along the Way is currently only available in Japan, but North American fans of the starry-eyed six-stringer will soon be able to nab some of his new music via a 12-inch version of "The Instinct." It is out now through New Images.

This track pops up as the finale of Part II in Along the Way's four-part structure. An enigmatic announcement from McGuire describes "The Instinct" like this:

"It is the fire that burns deep in the heart of man, the light by which he sees truth in the sprawling darkness that besets us all. The Instinct begins to set in during the Age of Revealing, when the Architects of Manipulation are discovered and exposed. All of the world's distractions — the inherent faults of the system to which everyone pledges their life, the false journey on which we are all led — is the sorcery, the anti-magic that has lured the masses away from lives filled with personal meaning or self-fulfillment."

This song apparently represents "the astral battle cry that sounds in the deepest thoughts of the individual as he begins to defend the palace of being that is his own consciousness."

Yes, we're a little confused too.

"The Instinct" is backed by a track called "New Adaptations (of the Human Spirit)." McGuire explained that he wrote it in 2012 and played in on tour. It includes audio taken from his family's 1993 home video.

While there's no word as to exactly when Along the Way will drop in North America, it's slated to arrive before the end of 2013. In the meantime, the new 12-inch can be ordered here.

McGuire released an EP called The Active Imagination under his pseudonym the Road Chief back in July. Check that out below, along with a video for "The Instinct" dating back to 2010.