Linda Ronstadt Labelled "Rollerskate Hooker" During CBS's Kennedy Center Broadcast

Linda Ronstadt Labelled 'Rollerskate Hooker' During CBS's Kennedy Center Broadcast
Making for a seriously next-level typo, Linda Ronstadt was dubbed a "Rollerskate Hooker" at the recent Kennedy Center Honors — a mistake that's now spreading far and wide here on the internet.

The slip-up happened when CBS broadcasted an hour of highlights from the annual ceremony in Washington, D.C., Monday night (December 16).

As you can see, one of the images shown was a doctored version of the album cover from Ronstadt's hit 1978 effort Living in the USA. But instead of the album's title, the words were replaced by "Rollerskate Hooker" for some unexplained reason. 

As of this morning, the image was still in the version of the show streaming on the CBS website, but according to Variety, the embarrassing typo will be corrected.

While the Kennedy Center Honors are produced by CBS and White Cherry Entertainment, CBS has declined to comment on the whole "Rollerskate Hooker" scandal.

Ronstadt herself has also yet to comment.