Limp Bizkit Will Be Rollin' Out New Songs in "Rapid Succession"

The band have clarified their plans via an Instagram story

BY Megan LaPierrePublished Aug 26, 2021

You know what they say: Thursday, Durstday.

After cancelling all performances for the month due to COVID-19 concerns, newfangled dad-rockers Limp Bizkit have confirmed that they're gearing up to roll out new music soon.

While clarifying that the band's members are "all fine," they teased their rollout plans in a story posted to their official Instagram yesterday (August 25). 

Limp Bizkit felt the need to update fans — since "some promoters are a bit behind" — on their next steps following the slew of cancelled "Post Pandemic Popup Party" tour dates. (Yeah, that was maybe a smidge premature.)

"New songs will begin to leak, one after the other in rapid succession, very soon," they wrote on their Instagram story. "Soon thereafter our new album will be released."

It will be the nu-metal veterans' first album release since 2011's Gold Cobra. They debuted a new song called "Dad Vibes" during their performance at Lollapalooza earlier this summer, which caused Limp Bizkit's overall sales to effectively double.

Can you believe it was less than a month ago that frontman Fred Durst revealed his new look? What a rebrand. Since then, the immaculate dad vibes have truly been unwavering.

You can check out the update from the band's Instagram story in the screenshot below.


Durst has also elaborated on the band's cancellations, sharing his thoughts on the "very flawed" system of pandemic-era concerts.

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