Limp Bizkit's Sales Have Doubled Since Lollapalooza

Limp Bizkit's Sales Have Doubled Since Lollapalooza
After an extremely buzzy few weeks for 2000s rap-rockers Limp Bizkit and their newly dad-bodded frontman Fred Durst, the band have seen a serious uptick in streams and sales of their music catalogue.

Following an appearance at last weekend's Lollapalooza music festival in Chicago where they debuted new material onstage, the group's sales have skyrocketed a whopping 100 percent, according to Billboard. What's more, their streams are also up, pacing behind sales at 27 percent.

All the hype began when Durst unveiled his shocking new look last month, which seemed to signal a new musical era for the decades-old project. Then, at Lolla, Limp Bizkit shared a new song called "Dad Vibes" as Durst handed out old merchandise to a raging crowd.

The band confirmed plans for a new album during their Chicago performance, however, few other details surrounding the effort have been made known. Earlier this year, guitarist Wes Borland hinted that their follow-up to 2011's Gold Cobra is well on its way. 

Meanwhile, the group have also seen renewed attention following the July release of HBO Max's Woodstock 99: Peace, Love, and Rage documentary — which prominently features the group in their heyday.

Like it or not, it's hard to deny the excellence of Limp Bizkit's latest marketing scheme, which may or may not have subtly kicked off back in late 2020 when the 50-year-old Durst launched his very own TikTok profile to house his weird comedy sketches.