Lily Allen "Air Balloon" (video)

Lily Allen 'Air Balloon' (video)
Lily Allen's been on the promotional trail of late, puffing up her pop career with a string of new singles, and now the UK singer has floated a high-flying set of visuals "Air Balloon" our way.

Truthfully, the clip has Allen grounded at first, with her singing lines from a field surrounded by some butterflies and her gang of out-of-place couch-surfers. The grounds are also filled with some friends from the animal kingdom, namely zebras and cheetahs, and a patch of land positively filled with monstrously huge mushrooms. Considering an air balloon is never seen in the video, it's possible the pop star popped a couple fungi before heading out on her late-clip interstellar journey.

Get lifted with Allen by checking out her new video down below.