Woodhands No Feelings Mixtape

<b>Woodhands</b> <i>No Feelings Mixtape</i>
Back in the spring, Toronto-based electro-pop duo Woodhands and their label, Paper Bag, released the free Remixcapade EP. Now, they're at it again, unveiling the No Feelings Mixtape.

According to singer Dan Werb's own description on the Paper Bag website, the 42-minute mix is "a staple in our van stereo while on the road? We called it No Feelings because we basically took all of my anguished vocals out of it and turned these songs into stripped down bangers."

They added, "We think these rappers have it right – there's nothing better than to give free music away to your fans while also not worrying about clearing samples. We did it in reverse though: instead of rapping over other people's beats, we made beats and grabbed acappellas – along with some help from our friends."

The collection features samples from Lil Wayne, Dr. Dre & Eminem, Ludacris and more. Get it here.