Lee Paradise Announces New Album 'The Fink'

Listen to "Message to the Past" now
Lee Paradise Announces New Album 'The Fink'
Toronto musician Daniel Lee is dusting off his Lee Paradise moniker for a new album. The longtime Hooded Fang and Phèdre member is returning to his rap- and funk-influenced art rock sound on The Fink, coming December 4 on Telephone Explosion.

The album was recorded in Toronto and Berlin, and its moody, genre-blending approach reflects its subject matter. 

"I wanted it to sound like a wasteland," said Lee in a statement, "where the sun doesn't shine and humans have long ceased to be relevant out of self-destruction. Weeds are breaking through the cracks of the concrete and nature is slowly creeping back into urban blocks where humans used to live."

The Fink is the follow-up to Lee Paradise's debut album, Water Palace Kingdom, which was released in 2014.

The album announcement also comes with the release of lead single "Message to the Past," which you can hear below via a new video.

Of the track, Lee explained the following:

Lyrically, '"Message to the Past" is about questioning how we view the past and assign meaning and symbol to specific events, and how this colours our future reactions and decision-making. Are our memories accurate? What role does our emotional and psychological state play in the memories that we conjure up, and can we trust them? This is something I worry about often. What memories am I inclined to focus on? Are they positive or negative? How much does this control my present and my future?

The Fink:

1. Lost Interest
2. Message to the Past
3. Tales to Tell
4. Maintaining Platitudes
5. Miscommunication
6. A Present to Ponder
7. What Is Your Safe Place?
8. Positive Manifestations
9. Self-Cafe
10. Hollow Face
11. Medicinal Magic
12. Outersphere

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