Lee Hazlewood's 'Cowboy in Sweden' Treated to Expanded and Remastered Reissue

Lee Hazlewood's 'Cowboy in Sweden' Treated to Expanded and Remastered Reissue
Thanks to the reissuing minds over at Light in the Attic, recent years have been particularly kind to Lee Hazlewood fans. That run of good fortune is now set to continue, with the label announcing that it will reissue Hazlewood's famed 1970 album Cowboy in Sweden.

The reissue of the elusive Hazlewood offering will arrive on November 25, though does not appear to be any sort of special Black Friday release. For the re-release, the album has been remastered "pristine original LHI master tapes," features previously unheard versions of "Pray Them Bars Away" and "Easy and Me," and liner notes Hunter Lea including interviews with Torbjörn Axelman, Suzi Jane Hokom, Nina Lizell, Don Randi, Hal Blaine and Shel Talmy.

The reissue will be available digitally, on CD and on vinyl. A deluxe vinyl edition even adds in a poster by Jay Shaw and a DVD of the restored Cowboy in Sweden film. Besides a pressing in 1999, this will mark the first time the album has been on vinyl since its original 1970 release.

Here's what LITA has to say about the album:

Released as the last LHI LP, Cowboy in Sweden was a soundtrack to the 1970 cult classic film of the same name starring Lee Hazlewood. The film was a surreal psychedelic account of Lee's journey to his new homeland, while the soundtrack was a perfect compilation of Hazlewood's strongest songs recorded over a prolific globe trotting three year period. The production scope of the album was the most ambitious of his career, recorded in Paris, London, Los Angeles and Stockholm with a slew of talented session musicians, producers and arrangers.

You can learn more about the reissue here, where you can also pre-order the release.

Cowboy in Sweden:

1. Pray Them Bars Away
2. Leather and Lace
3. Forget Marie
4. Cold Hard Times
5. The Night Before
6. Hey Cowboy
7. No Train To Stockholm
8. For A Day Like Today
9. Easy And Me
10. What's More I Don't Need Her
11. Vem Kan Segla (I Can Sail Without The Wind)
12. Me and the Wine and the City Lights
13. Easy and Me (alternate version)
14. Pray Them Bars Away (alternate version)