Language Arts Head to 'Able Island' on New LP

Language Arts Head to 'Able Island' on New LP
Earlier this year, Toronto folk-mashers Language Arts performed the puppy tribute track "A Song for Sprout" for an Exclaim! TV session and suggested that it might appear on the group's forthcoming album. The group have now announced Able Island, and while "A Song for Sprout" is nowhere to be found, there are 11 new songs to make up for its absence.

Able Island will be out on October 9 through MapleMusic Recordings. It was self-produced by the three-piece band (frontwoman Kristen Cudmore, drummer Neil MacIntosh and keyboardist Joel Visentin) in a variety of DIY locations, including bedrooms, basements, hotels and more. Studio guru Darryl Neudorf (Neko Case, the Sadies) helped out with mixing. The album is said to be a tribute to Nova Scotia and its Sable Island.

The 11-song tracklist is below. Scroll past that to watch a short trailer for Able Island, containing a snippet of pounding, organ-driven psych rock [via A Music Blog, Yea?].

Able Island:

1. Idea
2. Through
3. With Me
4. Neighbour
5. Secret Worlds in the Dark
6. A Coastline Bungalow
7. Luckiness
8. You Came Knocking
9. Fight or Flight
10. Tonight, at the Campsite
11. Now to Nowhere