LAL Announce New Album 'SPECTACULAR'

After 27 years, Nicholas Murray and Rosina Kazi had to break up to keep the band together

BY Allie GregoryPublished Sep 12, 2023

Toronto's LAL have announced plans for their eighth album and follow-up to 2020's Meteors Could Come DownSPECTACULAR arrives November 24 through Coax Records.

The long-running collective formed by Nicholas Murray and Rosina Kazi have detailed the eight-track album, which saw the couple of 27 years end their romantic relationship in order to continue as musical partners.

"#CovidLife! As the pandemic ensued for two long years, taking more and more lives, forcing us inside, yet again, SPECTACULAR began its inception, in the later part of lockdown, in Toronto," they explained. "As LAL's founding members, we found ourselves going through both public and personal changes that would ultimately lay the building blocks for us to grow as humans but also thrive as artists, and our music would never be the same again."

The band share its lead single "I Pretend It's Raining," a song about "the radical love and transformation after heartbreak, that allows our grief to travel through our very essence." It is said to find them creating "hope and joy from the aforementioned grief, and releasing all that pure energy back into the universe, divine."

They explained of the track in a statement, "Through a long pandemic, we wrote this song, and many others, to aid in dealing with the grief of loss. Loss of people, strained or breaking relations, and our connections to locations and places, and these notes continue to help us celebrate life, while providing unique paths to forgiveness and self-care."

Listen to that below, where you can find the album's tracklist.


1. Be Gentle
2. Moments of Release
3. Each Other
4. I Know You Fool
5. I Pretend It's Raining
6. Spectacular
7. The Way
8. To Give into Love

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