L7 Detail Their First Album in 20 Years

Hear the new song "Burn Baby" from 'Scatter the Rats'

BY Calum SlingerlandPublished Feb 28, 2019

Last April, L7 announced plans to release their first new album in 20 years. And while the effort has yet to see release, the grunge vets are using the final day of February to detail the forthcoming LP.

Titled Scatter the Rats, the album will arrive May 3 through Joan Jett's Blackheart Records. Eleven tracks in length, the record was produced by Norm Block and Nick Launay at Happy Ending Studios and Sunset Sound in Los Angeles.

The band's Donita Sparks revealed that Block also inspired the album's title. "There were a couple of rats in the basement of the studio, where all the amplifiers were," she explained. "At one point Norm said to us, 'Let's get rockin', we can scatter the rats.'"

Alongside the announcement, L7 have shared first single "Burn Baby." You can watch a video for the track directed by Courtney and Hillary Andujar below. Neither "I Came Back to Bitch" nor "Dispatch from Mar-a-Lago" appears in the tracklisting.

Scatter the Rats:

1. Burn Baby
2. Fighting the Crave
3. Proto Prototype
4. Stadium West
5. Murky Water Cafe
6. Ouija Board Lies
7. Garbage Truck
8. Holding Pattern
9. Uppin' the Ice
10. Cool About Easy
11. Scatter the Rats

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