​L7 Are Still Pissed Off on New Single "I Came Back to Bitch"

​L7 Are Still Pissed Off on New Single 'I Came Back to Bitch'
Recently reunited grunge unit L7 went off on Donald Trump last year with protest track "Dispatch from Mar-a-Lago," but they're far from being ready to sit back quietly. In fact, as singer Donita Sparks says in her own words on the group's new single: "I Came Back to Bitch."
Sparks told Rolling Stone that the feisty song is about "greedy fucks throwing the word 'rock star' around because someone made a huge profit on somebody else's back."
She added, "Do not degrade the word 'rock star. That's what I find grotesque — because creative people, caregivers, civil servants — those are the people who are contributing to society. Capitalist motherfuckers are just making money off of polluting things and ruining neighborhoods."
The track arrives along with an accompanying music video, which further hammers home the band's anti-capitalist message.
Watch the video for "I Came Back to Bitch" below.