Kurt Marble "Hands" (video)

Kurt Marble 'Hands' (video)
Toronto music maker Kurt Marble's band is made up of familiar faces from local groups like Grounders, Most People and Tails, but he steals the spotlight for himself in the new clip for "Hands."
The video takes viewers on an LSD-fuelled trip through back alleys, showing off some of horror films' tackiest tropes — complete with exploding watermelon "heads."
"I've always wanted to make a B-horror movie filled with terrible special effects, so when director, Shawn Kosmo, of Here Kitty Kitty productions told me he could make a head explosion effect using a watermelon, I hit up the nearest No Frills and purchased as many melons as I could carry," Marble tells Exclaim! "Pretty soon, our slasher movie concept took a back seat to a watermelon-smashing motif. Eighties 'comedian' Gallagher would be proud!"

Watch the gory, fruity mess unfold in the player below, and find details on the band's upcoming February 17 Wavelength Winter Festival show over here.