Kurt Ballou "I Need A Doctor" (video)

Kurt Ballou 'I Need A Doctor' (video)
Though almost always surrounded by some top-notch metal and hardcore talent in some capacity, GodCity guru and Converge guitarist Kurt Ballou is showing us what he can do when left alone in the studio. The Massachusetts musician has just delivered a solo-crafted, crunchy pop oddity called "I Need a Doctor."

Music store Stompbox Sonic had Ballou whip up the tune for their "Sonic Explorations" video series, with the song first presenting itself as a '50s rock piece. After detailing a need for some quick cash, owing to the hole in his pocket, the song explodes into a weirdo amalgam of crashed drums, Cave In circa "Juggernaut" carnival riffing and effects-laden leads. All of which, as you'll see down below, are played by Ballou.

You'll find the metalcore vet's relief-seeking solo journey down below.