Klaxons "Show Me a Miracle" (video)

Klaxons 'Show Me a Miracle' (video)
Intergalactically enlightened UK group Klaxons are mingling with E.T. devotees and a gaggle of otherworldly beings in the new video for the band's previously premiered house-pop track, "Show Me a Miracle."

The video for the Love Frequency single gets mondo bizarro from the jump, finding a group of Greys-worshipping churchgoers praying in front of a cross-bound traveller. How did it get there? Well, perhaps it was hurtling through the cosmos on the back of one of the Klaxons' space travel-ready scooters.

The video presents a bunch of other odd scenarios, from tinfoil-hat wearing kids gazing at the stars to a warp-speed jogging session to a benevolent, body-and-soul-raising finale.

You'll see the zany sci-fi results down below.

As previously reported, Love Frequency arrives June 16 through Akashic Records/Sony.