KINLEY "Blackbird" (video)

KINLEY 'Blackbird' (video)
Hey Rosetta!'s Kinley Dowling made her solo debut as KINLEY last year with a record titled Letters Never Sent, and now a song off that album has been treated to a music video.
"Blackbird" is an ode to current lovers' jealous exes, and it's as pretty sounding as it is passive aggressive. As Dowling herself puts it, "Sometimes it's easier to sing about petty issues poetically than to confront them face to face."
The track also references an odd phenomenon unique to her hometown of Charlottetown, where groups of crows take over the city at dusk.

"A lot of people are really cheesed off by them and how they run the city," Dowling tells Exclaim! "Personally I think it is quite a beautiful sight to see them flock from the surrounding communities and come together in the tall trees at Victoria Park."
In addition to capturing said crows in action, the "Blackbird" video also features intricate choreography by Maria Campbell. The whole thing was captured by director Jenna MacMillan, and you can check out the end results in the player below.