Kill Matilda "I Want Revenge" (video)

Kill Matilda 'I Want Revenge' (video)
Toronto-via-Vancouver's Kill Matilda are taking out a vendetta on mankind, letting loose a conflict-heavy video for distortion-damaged rocker called "I Want Revenge" to get their point across.

The video shifts the focus a few times, from shots of Dusty Exner raging out during the crunched-up chorus, to shots of roller derby team the Terminal City Rollergirls putting the hurt on their opponents, to professional wrestler Audrey Bride slam-tackling her way through a match. According to Exner, the video is meant to showcase "raw female power."

"Many music videos objectify women by having them doing or just generally being shown as things to be ogled, without personality or agency," Exner said in a statement, adding, "I wanted this video to show that female aggression is every bit as sexy and powerful as that. Kill Matilda for me is all about breaking gender barriers in the rock'n'roll world because I love angry and loud music and I want to be accepted as a legitimate front person because I rock hard, not because a sexy girl is a novelty in a hard rock band."

You can check out Kill Matilda's video for "I Want Revenge" down below.