Kids & Explosions Shit Computer

Kids & Explosions <i>Shit Computer</i>
While his identity and even location remain mostly unknown, mash-up artist Kids & Explosions describes himself as "a boy who makes songs by stealing other people's songs and making them worse." In reality, what he's doing is taking the mash-up and turning it into cut-up hip-hop with heart-wrenching pop appeal.

Shit Computer, his debut album, has the ADD switches of Girl Talk, the pop appeal of Danger Mouse's Grey Album and the eternally cut-up vocal patterns of early Prefuse 73. The result is the sort of album that basically no one can resist. Take, for example, "There Is a Burning Ball of Fire in Outer Space," which sees Notorious B.I.G. baring his soul over Sigur rós while Destiny's Child offer some hope in the chorus.

 Download Shit Computer, from a pay-what-you-want model, here. Or stream the album on Kids & Explosions' official site, complete with pixelated animated GIFs.